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In 2009, with a voice at various scales and phases of architecture and design process, having an organization which has construction experience and practice,

ULAŞ ARCHITECTURE established by the imagine of an architectural office  with cost constraints least affect on ideals, has signed works in various scales of practical design so far. 

With an experience of design and construction in expertise requiring projects fields,

it is pleased to be partner to leading companies. While creating a functional formation in customer-oriented projects,

the company meets the demands of its customers with the approach of aesthetics and without ignoring the harmony with the environment.

As the architectural product development process consists of design and construction; Ulaş Architecture is a company that may be involved in every stage of the process in line with customer demand. The company develops unlimited, original, rational, innovative, technological options and solutions. While choosing the ‘best’ solution, these concepts are effective;


to win people's admiration.


providing people to perform their vital activities relaxing, peaceful, effective and safe.

Harmony with the environment:

being sensitive to vital activities other creatures, living in natural, social or artificial environment.


using spatial flexibility and recycle material according to changing circumstances.


Moreover, predetermining the potential problems that may be encountered in the construction process by considering the constructability of the concept, realizes the concepts of efficient construction and efficient design.

Ulaş Architecture is aiming to achieve the highest quality, in accordance with the present conditions, in the shortest possible time, with minimum cost.

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